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The Best Way to Get a New Home Air Conditioner


You’ve got an old air conditioning system that isn’t doing the job anymore. It might be struggling to reach the lower temperature necessary for home comfort, or it isn’t reliable, or it’s starting to cost a small fortune to run during the summer. Time to get a new one. How’s the best way to do it?

One option is to type “air conditioning replacement near me” into a search engine and pick whatever contractor pops up first. You could also ask around the neighborhood to see if somebody knows somebody who’ll put in an AC for “super cheap.”

Neither of these ways is the best way to get a new central air conditioning installation in Portland, OR. In fact, they can end up as bad-to-terrible ways. An amateur simply can’t do this job accurately; there’s a reason that non-professionals can charge low rates—they do low-rate jobs and deliver low-rate air conditioners.

What is the Best Way? It’s Quite Simple

Call our technicians to schedule an air conditioning installation. We’re not saying this just because we want your business. We want to earn your business, and we’ll do it with a great installation that ensures you end up with the best possible AC for your needs. Getting the installation right is crucial for the rest of the service life of an air conditioner.

To start with, we consult with any customer who wants a new AC system. We don’t just walk into your house and tear out the old system and cram in whatever system will fit. Believe us, many contractors do nothing more complicated than that—we’ve seen the terrible results when customers have to call us to fix what the first contractor did wrong! Finding the right air conditioning system requires working with a customer and finding out what system will provide the ideal combination of cooling and energy savings.

Once we’ve done our consultation with you and have a good concept of what kind of air conditioner will match your house, we’ll do the important task of sizing the new AC. This means finding out how much cooling power the new AC must produce to provide comfort indoors without wasting power. We’ll analyze your home and take into account factors like its size, the number of people who live there, heat from lights and appliances, insulation levels, and more. Using a special calculation, we’ll find out exactly how many tons of cooling the new AC must have.

Once all this is done, we can do a timely full replacement. We remove and recycle the old unit and have the new one fit in place. We make any necessary adjustments to the ventilation to ensure the air conditioner works at its best. And we know it’ll work its best because we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on any system we install. We also offer direct financing options with 0% interest plans.

We’ve been family-owned since we started business in 1995. We always put customers first!

“Connecting people to Comfort!” Call Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an air conditioning installation consultation.

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