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Is a Ductless Installation Right for Your Home?


Have you heard about ductless air conditioning and heating systems? Probably, since you’ve made it to this post. You’re curious about these HVAC systems and want to know more about them—specifically if one of these HVAC systems is right for installing in your house.

No question, ductless systems (also known as ductless mini splits and ductless heat pumps) have numerous advantages. They are the top comfort systems in Europe, Japan, and large parts of Asia, and they are making waves in North America now as well. If you’ve heard positives about ductless mini splits, they’re probably true. But that doesn’t mean ductless is ideal for every situation.

We’re going to break down situations where ductless heating and AC installation in Portland, OR is beneficial. See if any of these applies to you:

Cooling for homes without built-in ductwork

Homes built before the ‘70s often had no ductwork in them because central air conditioning was not yet common. These homes have had to rely on window AC units for cooling, which aren’t an effective, efficient, or attractive method of beating the heat. Ductless mini splits offer a great solution for these homes, giving them central cooling (and heating) without having to try to squeeze in ductwork construction.

Central cooling systems for new home construction

When planning the construction of a new house, using ductless mini splits allows for much greater design freedom. There’s no need to consider where the ductwork will go! We recommend anyone who is considering building a new house look into a ductless HVAC system as an alternative to a standard ventilation system.

Cooling/heating for add-on rooms and room conversions

When adding on a new room to a house, a homeowner faces the dilemma of how to extend and modify the existing HVAC system to provide comfort to it. Often this means having to replace the heater and AC with new more powerful systems. But a ductless system can be installed for the new room instead so the rest of the HVAC system can be left alone. This also works for converting spaces like garages and attics into living areas: they can have easy comfort with a ductless system rather than messing with the rest of the HVAC system.

Managing hard-to-cool spots in a house

Some homes have places that simply can never get sufficient cooling because of the way the house is built. Think of those upstairs bedrooms that soak up so much heat that an AC can never seem to overcome it. A ductless mini split can be used to target these comfort “dead zones” in a house without having to make massive changes to the central HVAC system.

Alleviating asthma and allergy symptoms

Ductless mini splits can help improve the air quality in a house because they don’t blow around dust, dander, pollen, and other debris that collect inside your ductwork. For households with people who have severe allergy and asthma problems, a ductless system can have a fantastic positive impact.

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