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Learn the Warning Signs of an AC in Trouble


When your air conditioning system fails during a hot day, you’ll need speedy air conditioning repair in Portland, OR—or else you’ll be in for a stretch of uncomfortable conditions. Luckily, you have our NATE-certified technicians to assist you, and they’re ready with expert service to get your AC back into cooling shape again.

We also know that you’d rather not have to make an emergency call to fix a busted AC. Nobody wants to call for any type of emergency! You can prevent most repairs with regular maintenance. For the rest of the repairs, you can often catch signs of problems early, before they turn into a system breakdown. You’ll be able to call us to have the repairs done before they get worse and you’re stuck in an overheated home.

Below are a few of the most common warning signs that you’ve got a malfunctioning AC needing help.

Odd sounds and noisy operation

The sounds you normally hear from an air conditioner are the whirring of fan blades and the motors turning on and off. You’ll occasionally hear water dripping. But that should be it. An air conditioner can’t run completely silent, but yours shouldn’t make distracting or loud noises. If it does, it often means something is wrong. Rattling, grinding, mechanical shrieking, hissing, and constant clicking are indications of problems ahead.


This is a name for an instance when the air conditioner’s compressor turns on and off rapidly over only a short period of time. The compressor is supposed to complete a full cooling cycle of at least 15 minutes before cycling down. If the compressor isn’t even finishing 10-minute cycles, it needs to be looked into. Many problems can cause short-cycling, such as a tight compressor, a malfunctioning thermostat, or poor unit sizing.

Hot spots in the house

Are there rooms that are hotter than they should be when the AC is operating? If you can’t account for it because of something in the room (poor insulation, bad ventilation, sun exposure), the trouble may be the AC is starting to lose cooling capacity.

A rise in electrical bills

We recommend you always examine your electrical bills each month and compare them to the previous months. When the AC starts for the season, you’ll see a rise in electrical use since the air conditioner uses a larger amount of energy. But if electrical costs make a sudden jump and you don’t know why, it might be the air conditioner is acting up and draining too much power.

Ice on the unit

Ice is not normal for an air conditioner! People often make the mistake of thinking it is and ignoring it when it appears. But ice along the evaporator coil is a serious problem that restricts the coil’s ability to cool. It also points toward problems with lost refrigerant or other issues. You’ll need technicians to defrost the coil and get to the bottom of why the ice appeared in the first place.

We serve the Greater Portland Area, and we’ve been a family-owned business for more than two decades. You can depend on us for your AC repairs.

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