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Should I Schedule an AC Tune-Up Now?


Perhaps you think that it’s a bit early to be talking about maintenance for your air conditioner. After all, temperatures haven’t peaked above 55°F for a while.

But you know as well as we do that with spring right around the corner, we can get our first heatwave sooner than you think. And if that happens, you want your cooling system to be ready to keep you cool without costing you an arm and a leg, right?

Getting AC maintenance done now, or as soon as possible, will ensure that your AC is ready when the heat arrives. More than that, it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run since you’ll have the peace of mind that your air conditioner is ready to serve you well. Read on to learn more about why this professional service is so important.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Schedule Maintenance Now

Imagine this scenario–you wait another month or two to schedule AC maintenance, only to discover that you can’t get it done as soon as you’d like because technicians are busy out on emergency service calls as the weather warms and customers have repair needs.

Now if you’ve kept up on maintenance pretty regularly in the past, this might not be an issue, but if you haven’t now you’re risking a repair need cropping up before you can have service done. Scheduling maintenance now affords you the following benefits.

Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest perks of professional AC maintenance is that it helps your cooling system use energy in a more efficient way. This means you’ll see lower utility bills without sacrificing any comfort. As an added bonus, it makes your system more eco-friendly, too!

Better System Performance

As you can imagine, a clean and pristine air conditioner is probably going to work a bit better than one that has dirty coils or bent fan blades. During maintenance, our team thoroughly inspects, cleans, and adjusts the components that need it. This helps stave off wear and tear as long as possible, ultimately leading to better system performance.

Reduced Repair Needs

Maintenance is an annual service (or biannual, if you have a heat pump system) that addresses a number of seemingly small problems. One of the advantages of this is that it prevents these small problems from escalating into bigger emergencies. Maintenance helps you avoid up to 85% of the repair needs your system would ever need otherwise.

Increased System Lifespan

When properly maintained, a central air conditioner can be expected to have a useful service life of 10-15 years. Without routine, professional, maintenance, however, you can expect that lifespan to be cut in half.

Ask About Our Maintenance Program

Contact us today to learn about signing up for the Clawson Customer Assurance Plus Program, or CAPP. In addition to thorough tune-ups each year for your air conditioner, you’ll receive a number of other membership benefits, such as:

  • Priority Scheduling
  • Discounts on Repairs
  • Reduced Diagnostic Charges
  • And more!

We look forward to serving you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions you might have about our services.

For professional Tigard, OR HVAC maintenance and more, contact Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning.

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