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When Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

No one wants to replace their air conditioner, but the time will come for every property. In general, you can expect an HVAC system to last at least 10-15 years. Some may last up to 20 years. How much the system is used and how consistent you are with filter changes and annual maintenance service will impact the life of the air conditioner tremendously. 

If you think your turn to schedule HVAC replacement in Gresham, OR, is coming soon, it helps to understand the warning signs that your system’s life is nearing its end. The more you pay attention to how your air conditioner is operating, the more time you may have to prepare for the cost of AC replacement. 

Increasing Energy Bills

There are a lot of things that can increase your electric bill, but unexplained bill hikes are sometimes due to a failing HVAC system. The system will use more energy because it isn’t operating at peak performance. 

If you rule out other possible causes and the bill continues to go up, pay attention to how often your air conditioning is turning off and on. If it’s cycling off and on repeatedly or running far more than it’s resting, you should have the system checked for efficiency. It may need cleaning, you may have parts that are wearing out, or you just may need to replace the system due to age. 

Recurring Repair Bills

Is it starting to feel like your air conditioner is taking over your budget? Maybe you’re getting to know your HVAC technician a little too much because it seems like they’re always in your home for one reason or another. The air is blowing warm one day and stops blowing completely another. AC repair bills can become unmanageable, even if most don’t cost much. 

Routine malfunctions are a potential sign that your HVAC system is nearing the end of its life. You may decide to continue replacing the system until it’s no longer possible, or you can replace it with a more efficient system so that it doesn’t drain your wallet with repair bills and higher energy costs. 

Inefficient or Inconsistent Operations

HVAC systems are just like computers and other modern conveniences. As they near the end of their life, they start to operate with less efficiency. You may notice that moisture is building up on your windows because the air conditioner isn’t removing humidity effectively. Perhaps the airflow is inconsistent, or the outdoor unit sounds louder than usual. 

Those small issues are potential signs that your system is struggling to keep up with demand. You may need a small fix like a part replacement, or perhaps it’s time to discuss HVAC replacement in Gresham, OR. 

Is It Time for HVAC Replacement in Gresham, OR? 

If you’re noticing any of the signs we just discussed, now is the time to schedule a consultation to discuss air conditioning replacement. A professional technician can help you decide if your system has a little more life left or needs immediate replacement. Our policy is to repair until a replacement is more cost-effective or is the best option from a performance perspective. 

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