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Furnace Noises You Should Call Us About


Your furnace is going to make noise. There is no getting around this. While technology has come very far, furnaces don’t have silencers in or on them, and you’ll hear things like the air coming through your vents, the fan motor running, the ductwork gently rattling, etc.

If, however, you hear an unfamiliar sound or an exceptionally loud sound from your furnace, you should know that it’s not normal. It means, it’s time to give us a call. But what are these noises, exactly? That’s what we’re going to explore below–read on!

Groaning or Squealing

We know these seem like two entirely different noises, but they might indicate the same problem, just in different stages. You see, your furnace (and your air conditioner for that matter) have components in them called motor bearings. These bearings keep your blower motor in place.

Over time, however, the lubrication on these bearings wears down, and since the motor is a moving part, the lubrication has to be replaced. When the lubrication first starts wearing out, you may hear a slight groaning noise as your furnace cycles on and off. As it wears down further, it will eventually start “squealing.”

It’s hard to ignore in the later stages and it means you need to give us a call, but you can prevent further problems by contacting us in the earlier stages.

Clanking or Banging

It’s likely that you might have a cracked or loose component, such as a blower or fan belt. This can turn into a serious problem for your furnace and requires quick attention.


A rumbling sound coming from deep down inside the furnace can mean that you have a dirty burner, and the combustion gases are struggling to ignite. It’s important that you schedule routine professional maintenance to avoid this issue, as it can lead to a cracked heat exchanger which can be a harmful problem.


This noise can be something as simple as a loose cabinet panel that needs to be screwed tightly in place. However, if you took a look and the panels are secured, then the noise can indicate a crack in the heat exchanger, which is a huge problem that can pose health risks. Shut down your furnace ASAP at the circuit breaker, and then give our pros a call.

Always Count on a Trained Pro

No matter what noise you hear coming from your furnace, don’t open the cabinet of the furnace and attempt to either diagnose or repair the source of the problem. Doing this could potentially expose you to electrocution or some other injury. Whenever you suspect a repair issue, the best thing you can do for yourself and for your furnace is to give our professionals a call.

And don’t forget, your furnace needs maintenance once a year! Now is the best time to schedule this service, before you need your system the most. But consistency matters more than timing here–annual maintenance will keep the system in good shape.

Contact Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule Tigard, OR furnace repair!

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