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It’s Time to Schedule Furnace Maintenance


It was a busy end of the year, so you may have let several important jobs slip through the cracks. Did you remember to arrange to have your furnace professionally serviced with an inspection and tune-up? It’s best to do this in the fall, but if you haven’t done it yet, well, now it’s time to schedule furnace maintenance in Portland, OR!

No, it’s not too late

Fall is the ideal time for furnace maintenance because it prepares the heater before the first cold weather can arrive and gives you some space to schedule any repairs that may need to be done. But there is no expiration date on maintenance. If you missed doing it in the fall, please don’t write it off as something you can’t have done this season. There are still plenty of cold weeks to come, and your furnace requires this professional attention for each winter season. 

Why this is so important

There are many reasons that having regular furnace maintenance is vital, even if it’s done later than recommended:

  • Safety: Safety is always priority number one when it comes to furnace operation, and maintenance is the time when you let professionals give the system a close inspection to find if there’s anything that may create hazards for your home. The other tune-up jobs also help ensure your furnace works at the highest levels of safety and that its safety features don’t fail. 
  • Avoid breakdowns: Having a furnace suddenly break down on you during one of the coldest days of the winter is no fun at all, and you don’t want to be scrambling to find someone to do your heating repair at a time when many other people will need it as well. Maintenance is the best “insurance policy” against a heating system failure.
  • Minimize repairs: The majority of repairs that a furnace may require during its lifetime are preventable with professional maintenance. This not only helps you avoid heating problems, but it also saves you money and time.
  • Extended service life: Maintenance is an investment in a furnace that lasts for many years. Without maintenance, a furnace will age faster, wear down quicker, and you’ll find you have to get a new one many years earlier than you otherwise would. 
  • Protect the warranty: Finally, a furnace’s warranty can be voided if the system doesn’t have annual maintenance. Without the warranty, you won’t have protection against paying for repairs or a replacement that are manufacturer’s faults. 

CAPP Heating and Cooling Maintenance Program

The best way to have maintenance done and keep on schedule—both for your furnace and your air conditioner—is to join our Clawson Customer Assurance Plus Program (CAPP). Along with maintenance, you’ll receive other benefits as a member, such as priority scheduling when you run into an emergency and a 15% discount on repairs. Call us today for more information and to sign up for that important furnace maintenance. And from here on, we’ll call to remind you when it’s time for maintenance so you won’t have it slip away again.

Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning is “Connecting People to Comfort.” Call us to arrange for your furnace maintenance ASAP.

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