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How We Can Help Your IAQ During Allergy Season


Spring is when temperatures start to climb and plants bloom. The first part is wonderful. The second is … sometimes wonderful, but also means allergy season. The pollen count in the air rises as the first warmth starts to spread around and settle in. People who suffer from allergies and asthma can have it rough as the pollen count in the air increases, and hay fever becomes a major irritant.

Obviously, we can’t do anything about the pollen count outside your house, and the best recommendation for what to do to deal with allergy season on a general basis is to ask a physician for advice. However, as indoor air quality professionals, we can help with the air inside your house and manage the many allergens that can make spring much less fun for many people.

We’ll address duct cleaning first

…because it’s often overlooked when it comes to indoor air quality. The ventilation system of a home will gradually turn into a reservoir of contaminants such as dust, dander, lint, and dust mites, which can increase allergies and asthma. Each time the HVAC system turns on, the blower fan sends out clouds of these contaminants from the ducts, then recirculates them, allowing even more to build-up, and so on. 

To get rid of this reservoir of pollutants, call us for Portland, OR, duct cleaning services. We can get your ductwork to a “like new” condition with our cleaning services, which isn’t something you’ll get from those suspicious companies that call up to offer duct cleaning at rock-bottom prices. Quality duct cleaning is a service that requires special equipment and trained technicians, and we have both. 

What about air filters?

Many of the worst allergens that can drift around your house during allergy season are large enough that an effective mechanical air filtration system in the HVAC system can remove them. This includes pollen, pet dander, and dust. This type of filtration system is different from the filter that’s already on the HVAC cabinet, which protects the interior of the cabinet, not the home’s air quality. Our team can find the right strength of air filters for the job without putting in filters that are too powerful—a mistake amateurs often make and which harms the HVAC system.

Finally, air purifiers

Air purification systems are electronic air cleaners that target smaller particles that slip through filters. During allergy season, there can be volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bacteria, and mold spores that trigger asthma and allergy attacks. Often the best way to eliminate them is with a special air purifier. UV air purifiers are effective against pollutants like bacteria and mold spores, as well as wiping out many types of microbes. Other air purifier models, such as ionizers, will eliminate VOCs and chemicals. The right pairing of filters and purifiers can remove more than 98% of the unwanted pollutants and allergens from your house.

All these options may sound confusing, but our team is here to cut through the fog—and the clouds of pollen and dust—to see you have the IAQ solutions you and your family need.

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