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The Benefits of Air Scrubbers and Other IAQ Systems

Getting your home comfortable may feel a little more tricky than it used to. You aren’t imagining it. Newer homes are made to be more well-sealed than ever before. This is great news for keeping your home temperature under control because it helps reduce heat transfer. However, it is less than great for your indoor air quality.

The issue with well-sealed homes is that they keep the air in very well, meaning that any dust or airborne debris that enters the house stays in the house. As you can imagine, recirculating dirty air, even when it is temperature controlled, is not great. That’s why it’s great to know more about your indoor air quality system options such as the Air Scrubber.

The Impact of an Air Scrubber

If you’re dealing with poor indoor air quality, one option to consider is an air scrubber installation in Happy Valley, OR. This is an indoor air quality system that cleans the air more effectively than you may think is possible.

The Air Scrubber by Aerus doesn’t wait for dirt and debris to come to it. Instead, it sends out active “agents” that help clean the air with ionization. With this approach, the system can clean both the air and flat surfaces throughout your house. What’s more, it provides deodorizing power to help the house feel and smell cleaner by eliminating odors from cooking or pets. With just 30 minutes, an Air Scrubber can combat up to 90% of the airborne contaminants in your home. This is up to 50 times more powerful than a mechanical filter!

Air Scrubbers have been shown to be safe and effective through numerous peer-reviewed studies. They eliminate up to 99.9% of the harmful contaminants circulating through a house, including dust, mold spores, dander, pollen, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and more.

Other IAQ Systems That Can Help

Maybe an Air Scrubber isn’t the system to address your biggest indoor air quality needs. You can also choose from one of these systems to improve your home’s comfort.

  • Energy Recovery Ventilators: You want fresh air that doesn’t lead to the loss of heated or cooled air. This can be accomplished with an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). These systems pull in pre-heated or pre-cooled air that will help to freshen the air in your home withour costing you extra energy to keep the temperature under control.
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: Humidity needs to be balanced. Too much or too little and you are going to get uncomfortable, no matter the temperature setting on the thermostat. A whole house humidifier or dehumidifier can help bring your indoor humidity level to 40-60%, where it needs to be.
  • Air Filtration Systems: These are semi-permeable membranes that are installed within your ductwork. The concept of these is simple–they capture debris and remove it from the air flowing into the house.

Whatever the best indoor air quality solution is for your home, we will help you find it.

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