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Combat Wildfire Smoke with Whole House Filtration

Monday, October 2nd, 2023

Wildfire smoke may very well be a problem in your home, even with wildfires burning hundreds of miles away. The wind can carry wildfire pollution so that it impacts homes in a wide radius around the original source. If you’ve noticed changes in your indoor air quality, recent wildfires may very well be to blame.

The good news is there is something you can do about it. Schedule an appointment with our team for air filter services in Lake Oswego, OR. We can talk to you about the air filter you’re using in your HVAC system as well as other options like whole house air purifiers. You can keep reading to learn more about the impact of wildfire smoke and how whole house filtration can improve your indoor air quality now and in the future.

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Best Practices For Using Your New AC

Monday, July 10th, 2023

When you get a new air conditioner, you want to take excellent care of it from day one. How you care for your AC in its early days will have a huge impact on how well it operates over its entire lifespan. Plus, you’re establishing great habits that will help ensure you take good care of your AC consistently over the years. 

We have maintenance tips that can help you maximize energy efficiency and help your air conditioner last for longer than average. If you need air conditioning installation in Lake Oswego, OR, give our team a call. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn about the best practices for taking care of your AC from day one.

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5 Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair

Monday, March 6th, 2023

If you’ve ever gone camping then you’ve likely come home and almost immediately went for a hot shower. You shouldn’t have to be without hot water to appreciate it though!

When it comes to getting repairs for this system, you want to try to get things fixed before you’re without hot water. To help, we’ll tell you about the signs you need a water heater repair in Lake Oswego, OR. Knowing these warning signs will help you get ahead of the problem.

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5 Signs You Have a Faulty Heat Pump

Monday, January 9th, 2023

More and more homes are becoming all electric. This is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to live. Switching over to a heat pump system is a step toward that all-electric future for your home.

We want to give you a reminder that even all-electric systems aren’t immune from the need for expert repairs. With how much more intense our seasons are becoming, this is even more important to remember too. Why? Because prompt repairs can save you from an early replacement.

Do you need a heat pump repair in Lake Oswego, OR? Here are the warnings signs that you do.

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The Dangers of Running Your AC Too Cold

Monday, July 12th, 2021

When the heat rises to its peak during the summer, it may be hard to think of getting your house “too cold.” You’ll want as much cooling as you can get from your AC so you have a retreat from the heat outside. 

Air conditioning systems, however, aren’t designed to provide a home with freezer-like temperatures—and you wouldn’t want your home as cold as a freezer anyway. It just sounds nice on a hot day. Even though you can lower the temperature on the thermostat down to 60°F doesn’t mean you should, no matter how hot you feel. Running an AC too cold can lead to problems for your air conditioner. Plus, you don’t need it that cold and can help keep out the heat if you raise it. We know this sounds backwards, but we’ll get into why this works.

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Is a Gas Furnace Always the Best Way to Heat a Home?

Monday, February 8th, 2021

Gas furnaces are the most common type of central heating systems for homes across the United States. How many homes? Almost 48% of homes use natural gas for heating, and the Pacific Northwest is one of the regions where this type of heating is the most prominent. So, the logic goes, gas furnaces must be the best way to heat a home.

But that’s actually not logic, only an assumption. The truth is that there is no “best” way to heat a home because homes are different. There may be more gas furnaces because gas furnaces have significant advantages. But not every home can enjoy those advantages. The obvious example is any home that doesn’t have a natural gas connection, which accounts for 37% of households. 

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