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How To Tell Your Water Heater Needs Repairs

Monday, April 3rd, 2023

All of your home appliances need repairs at some point. This even includes your water heater, although most homeowners don’t think about water heaters having problems that need to be fixed. But what happens when your water heater shows signs of needing repair? 

If you can identify the signs of water heater repairs early, you can get it repaired before these problems get worse. If you’re seeing signs that you need a new water heater in Clackamas, OR, give our team a call. We can help you determine whether your heater needs repair or replacement. You can keep reading to learn more about potential water heater repairs so you can stay ahead of problems. 

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The Importance of Timely Water Heater Repairs

Monday, March 21st, 2022

If someone were to ask you what the most underrated appliance in your house was, what would be your answer? If you’d say your water heater, we’d be likely to agree with you!

These systems are typically mostly out of sight, and therefore out of mind. Yet, you use yours every day, multiple times a day, and rely on it to work effectively and efficiently as it does so.

But the only way to ensure this is the case is by staying on top of your water heater needs. Yes, that’s right, water heaters need maintenance and timely repairs! This is true whether you have a standard storage tank model or a tankless water heater. Read on to learn more.

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Should You Invest in a Tankless Water Heater?

Monday, January 24th, 2022

In this day and age, homeowners look for greater convenience and quicker gratification than ever before. This can be seen as a negative, but hey, it’s hard to resist convenience and ease of use, and we say there is nothing wrong with wanting this for yourself and your home!

First-time homeowners and seasoned homeowners alike would do well to consider modernizing their homes with a new kind of water heater–a tankless system. Tank water heaters have been the conventional model found in homes for decades, but tankless systems have a number of benefits that are leading them to become a much more popular option.

When it comes to water heaters, the basic question is, “should I get another storage tank system or go tankless?” Read on as we compare the two and show you the benefits of upgrading to a tankless system, should you choose to.

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