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5 Signs You Need a New Water Heater Installation


You pay attention to your heating system during the fall so it can handle the winter weather. But you may overlook another important heating system in your home, one that runs more often than just during the winter. In fact, it runs almost every day of the year. Yes, we mean the water heater. As with your furnace or other central heating system, the water heater deserves attention in the fall. It may operate daily, but it does more work during the winter. 

The big question during the fall when it comes to your water heater: “Do I need to get a new one?”

Let’s examine that question. Below, we’ve laid out five signs of a water heater in the late stage of its career … the last stage. The replacement stage.

I. Corrosion

Water heaters have no worse enemy than corrosion. It gnaws away at the metal until it weakens and the water heater leaks uncontrollably. Manufacturers design their water heaters to resist corrosion for many years, but corrosion will take hold if the system lasts long enough. Corrosion on the tank usually spells the end for a water heater and the installation of a new one.

II. Decline in hot water volume

When a water heater can no longer deliver the same volume of hot water it once did, stranding some of the household with lukewarm or cold showers in the morning, it either needs repairs or a replacement. If you’ve had your water heater for more than 15 years, this drop in available hot water probably means you should get a new unit.

III. Rusty-brown discoloration in the hot water

Does a reddish tint appear in the water coming from the hot water taps? If it doesn’t fade after a minute, you may have a water heater with a rusted tank. No escaping the inevitable grind of ages: time to call us for a new water heater. 

IV. Extreme age

A natural gas water heater can often work for 20 years, while electric water heaters last longer. We don’t recommend trying to push a water heater much more than 20 years, especially if you find you schedule repairs more often than before. You run risks with any water heater in its second decade.

V. High energy bills

The water heater can account for 17% of all energy used in a home and 40% of the heat costs. When your water heater starts to die, its efficiency will plummet and you’ll notice a rise in energy costs. When heating bills continue to rise and you can’t account for it, reach out to us to see if we can repair the system. We may discover the water heater has aged past the point of cost-effective repairs and recommend installing a new system.

We offer water heater installation in Portland, OR, including energy-saving tankless water heaters. Our technicians can answer all your questions about getting a new water heater installed. If you feel on the fence about replacing your water heater, arrange for an appointment with us and we’ll analyze the current system and give you honest answers. 

Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning: “Connecting People to Comfort!” We can connect you to a new water heater—simply call today!

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