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Central Air Conditioning in Portland, OR

Although older homes may still use window air conditioning units, the majority of people today have central systems, either retrofitted into them or designed with central air conditioning in mind. A central AC installation offers numerous benefits over window AC units, and we strongly recommend all our customers who don’t have central air conditioning systems look into getting one.

At Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re partnered with the top manufacturers of AC equipment so we can offer customers in Gresham, OR and the greater Portland area the finest units. This includes the inverter air conditioner. If you are interested in a central AC replacement or new central air conditioner, we’re happy to sit down with you and look over your options. We back up our installs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer central AC repair and maintenance.

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Change From Those Old Window ACs With Our Help


If you already have a central AC and you’re ready for a straightforward central AC replacement, we’re the people you can trust with a fast and effective job. If you want better energy efficiency than ever before, we can install an inverter AC. The technology of an inverter air conditioner allows the AC to run at lower power when necessary, which helps lower your bills.

But if you don’t currently have a central air conditioner and rely on window ACs, we would love to help you change that. We’re experienced with handling retrofits for older Portland area homes so they can have all the benefits of a central cooling system. Schedule an appointment and we’ll determine what we can do to give you an affordable solution for a cooler, more energy-efficient home.

Portland AC Repair Pros

Please don’t attempt to fix your own air conditioning system if it starts to malfunction. It’s not possible for a non-certified technician to manage a repair to this type of complicated refrigeration system. We have a team of skilled and certified repair pros who can problem-solve any trouble with your central air conditioning system and that includes an inverter AC. You’ll receive speedy AC repairs from us. Unlike a standard contractor, we’re a retail business and we always offer a "can-do" attitude rather than exclusions.

Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Anything But Routine for Us

We take central AC maintenance seriously, because we know there’s no better way to keep a cooling system running for years at peak efficiency. You don’t have to schedule a central AC replacement years before you should, and proper equipment maintenance will help see that you don’t.

With The Clawson’s Customer Assurance Plus Program (CAPP), you’ll have the central AC maintenance that will see your comfort system is kept in shape each year. As a CAPP member, you’ll receive a regular spring AC tune-up as well as other benefits: discounts, waived overtime fees, special promotions. At Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning, we always take a big picture approach to all the services we offer—it’s one of the reasons we stand out in the HVAC field in Gresham, OR and the greater Portland area.

Reviews from Our Customers

Our Satisfied Customers Speak Up

We have been CAP members with Clawson for about three years now. Their excellent service is why we chose to purchase our new furnace and ac together!

- Warren and Elizabeth - Gresham, OR

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