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Thermostats Services in Gresham, OR

The thermostat is the “brains” of the HVAC system in your house. But most thermostats aren’t remotely smart—they’re simple dials and sliders to control when the heater or AC turns on, or a few slots of digital settings that allow homeowners a bit of control over temperatures when they’re away from the house. Technology, however, has gifted thermostats with the brains they were missing—and that technology can benefit you.

The comfort specialists at Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning want you to know about your options for a smart Wi-Fi thermostat installation to boost your home comfort and energy savings. We’re always glad to make an appointment to sit down with you to consider options for a Wi-Fi thermostat replacement and more. We aim to provide you with affordable comfort in Gresham, OR and the surrounding areas.

Call today to schedule thermostat services in Portland, OR and the surrounding area: Connecting People to Comfort!

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How Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Installation Changes Everything

What does "smart" mean for a thermostat? Why would a thermostat benefit from Wi-Fi? We’re glad you asked …

  • Wi-Fi Thermostats: A Wi-Fi thermostat (with or without smart features) is a home comfort control system you can access from almost anywhere. Using an app or a web connection, you can change the temperature in your home from your phone, tablet, or remote computer. You can also check on conditions in the house and alter programming.
  • Smart Thermostats: Smart features in a thermostat allow it to create its own set of programs. Its algorithms analyze your settings and household heating and air conditioning temperatures to maximize operation. A smart thermostat can find ways to save money you would never have thought of. The thermostat can even give you a report on what you’re saving.

Let Professionals Do a Wi-Fi Thermostat Replacement

Before you open another browser tab and start searching for places to purchase the best new Wi-Fi smart thermostat, you need to know that it takes a professional to select the thermostat and install it. Mismatching advanced technology climate controls with older HVAC equipment can end up damaging the HVAC system. Only experienced technicians, like our trained and certified team, can find the right thermostat that matches your current HVAC system, and have it installed so it will do the exact job you need from it. There are many options on the market from numerous companies. We’re partnered with many top HVAC manufacturers and can make sure you end up with the best unit.

We Offer Wi-Fi Thermostat Repair in Portland, OR

A complex device like a smart thermostat or Wi-Fi thermostat will have complex repair needs. If you encounter trouble with your thermostat, it’s not the time to break out the electronic repair kit. The simple solution is to pick up the phone and call Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning. We have 24-hour emergency service for when comfort problems are urgent, and our technicians will do the Wi-Fi thermostat repair work fast and efficiently.

We want to make your life easier in Gresham, OR and the greater Portland area, and you can trust us for any comfort service you may need. We back up our installations with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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