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Heating Maintenance & Repair in Gresham, OR

What’s the big secret to having a home heating system with a long service life that provides efficient and effective comfort? It’s no big secret at all—the heater only requires the proper care through heating repairs as needed and maintenance, tune-ups, and cleaning on a regular basis. The twin goals of heating repair and heating maintenance help a home stay warm with the same system for many years with few interruptions or surprises on utility bills.

Finding great heating repair and maintenance work is as simple as calling a comfort specialist at Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re customer-focused, not a contractor only looking out for the corporation. Our technicians have a “can-do” attitude that ensures our customers receive the work they need, done fast and with no complications. We also have a superb maintenance program.

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Heating Repairs in Portland, OR

When your furnace goes cold in the middle of the winter, you know you have to do something about it, and do it fast. But what about times when your home’s heating system is struggling with providing heat, or making odd noises, or something doesn’t seem right about it? If you delay or wait to see if it gets better or worse, you’re putting the heater at risk of bigger and more expensive problems, even a shortened service life.

Our service technicians are trained to diagnose problems with heaters fast and provide accurate repairs. Innovative solutions lead to fixes that stay fixed. You won’t need to call us up a week later to re-do the repairs. This is one of the benefits of the "big picture" approach we take to all the HVAC services we provide our customers.

Regular Heating Maintenance Is Critical

Hopefully you will only need to call us for repairs a few times during the service life of your heater. Maintenance is different—it takes place on an annual schedule, regardless of the condition or age of the heating system. In fact, thanks to maintenance, your heater should be in excellent condition and have a long life.

We recommend scheduling maintenance once a year in the fall, which prepares the heater to face winter conditions. This is the best way to ensure the heater reaches its manufacturer’s expected service life, functions safely, experiences few repairs (preventing around 80% of them), retains its energy efficiency, and works effectively. Maintenance also keeps the warranty in force.

Tune-Up Your Heater With Our Maintenance Program (CAPP)

We make HVAC maintenance straightforward and add more benefits through the Customer Assurance Plus Program (CAPP). This maintenance plan provides you with regular maintenance for your heater (and AC if you have one) that does a thorough job of inspecting and tuning-up the unit. The additional benefits include priority service, 15% discount on heating and cooling repairs, a 5-year warranty on repairs, a reduced diagnostic charge, and no additional overtime charge for after hours, nights, weekends, and holidays.

Call Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about CAPP or to schedule repairs for your heating system in Gresham, OR and the greater Portland area.

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We have been CAP members with Clawson for about three years now. Their excellent service is why we chose to purchase our new furnace and ac together!

- Warren and Elizabeth - Gresham, OR

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