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Furnace Services in Gresham, OR

For Portland, OR furnace services you can trust, call our team. We partner with top furnace brands and undergo continual training to provide the highest level of furnace repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services.

If you live in Gresham, OR and greater Portland area, you can rely on Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning for any furnace service you need: replace a gas furnace, install an electric furnace, regular maintenance, furnace repairs. We put our customers first every time. This, plus our expertise and problem-solving skills, sets us apart from the competition.

Find the Portland furnace service you need—Connecting People to Comfort! Give us a call at 503-618-9646 or fill out our quick form to contact us today.

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Portland Furnace Installation and Replacement Services

Furnaces have burned many types of fuel over the centuries. Today, natural gas is the preferred type. Natural gas is piped into homes, making it convenient. It burns cleanly and allows for efficient and powerful heating. Lower gas costs often mean a gas furnace is less expensive to run than an electric or propane furnace. If you already have a gas line for your house, we recommend using a gas furnace for home heating.


Any work done on a gas furnace must be left to certified professionals like our service technicians. This applies to repairs as much as installations. Although gas furnaces aren’t unsafe (they wouldn’t be allowed in homes if they were), they can rapidly turn dangerous if amateurs tamper with them. Any time you have a malfunctioning gas furnace, don’t reach for the tools.

Call Today for Furnace Repairs in Portland, OR

For homes without a natural gas line connection, the electric furnace is always a viable option. Electric furnaces cost less to purchase upfront, have a smaller footprint compared to gas furnaces, and can enjoy longer lives. They’re usually more expensive to run, however. Our Portland heating technicians are happy to sit down with you to discuss different heating options for your all-electric home. We back up our furnace installations with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Electric furnaces need fewer repairs on average than other types of furnaces because they don’t use combustion; instead, they run electrical voltage through heating elements to raise their temperature and heat the air. If your electrical furnace isn’t working right, you can trust our technicians to fix it.

Our Portland Furnace Services Include Exceptional Maintenance

No matter the type of central furnace warming up your home in Gresham, OR and the greater Portland area, it must have annual maintenance from professionals. This helps the furnace run safely, efficiently, and for as long as possible. We provide maintenance through our special plan: the Consumer Assurance Plus Program (CAPP). Membership includes regular HVAC system tune-ups, discounts, priority service, and waived fees for after hours, weekends, and holidays. Call Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning today and speak to one of our comfort specialists to learn more.

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I have been using Clawson for my Heating and Cooling needs for years - they are Courteous, Professional, and Timely.

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