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Dual Fuel HVAC Systems in Gresham, OR

The heat pump is one of the best ways for a home to enjoy electric heating and air conditioning. A heat pump is less expensive to run than an electric furnace, and because it combines cooling and heating, it serves as a single installation to take care of comfort throughout the year. There is a drawback, however: for some homes, a heat pump can’t draw enough heat from outdoors to operate efficiently in winter.

A dual fuel system overcomes this problem. A dual fuel system installation puts in a heat pump with a backup furnace. The furnace provides make-up heat when necessary, allowing a heat pump to make it through any cold day without suffering an efficiency loss. Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning is happy to talk to you about a dual fuel system installation or other services to see you have great comfort in Gresham, OR and the greater Portland area.

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The Uses of a Dual Fuel System

A dual fuel system replacement can work for both a home with a gas connection and an all-electric home. Some homeowners find that relying on a gas furnace for all their heating needs creates a home that’s too stuffy. Installing a dual fuel system creates a "best of both worlds" scenario: gas heating for extra power when needed, and the more comfortable and energy-efficient electric heating at other times.

In an all-electric home, a dual fuel system with a propane furnace is beneficial if the heat pump struggles during the coldest days. Portland doesn’t usually experience winters cold enough to give a heat pump trouble, but for older homes with difficulty retaining warmth, a dual fuel system may be a good choice.

Dual Fuel System Repair and Maintenance

For the most part, a dual fuel system is just like a heat pump, and it needs the same level of repairs and regular maintenance. The difference is the addition of a furnace, which has its own set of repair and routine service requirements.

Our technicians can help when you need dual fuel system repair. They’re certified, experienced, and experts at problem solving. They also take care of dual fuel system maintenance through the Clawson’s Customer Assurance Plus Program (CAPP). When you sign up for CAPP, you’ll have regular maintenance in spring and fall to ensure the best performance and efficiency from your dual fuel system. The program also comes with additional benefits: discounts, priority service, waived overtime charges, reduced diagnostic fees, etc.

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The heat pump is a wonderful year-round comfort system for the weather in Gresham, OR and the greater Portland area. The dual fuel option makes heat pumps available for more homes than ever. If you’re thinking of a dual fuel system replacement for your house, we’d love to schedule a time for you to sit down with one of our Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning comfort specialists. We’ll look over the best choices for your needs and budget, and we’ll take the time to perform a load calculation to see that whatever system we install keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

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