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It’s Spring: Time to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance


Although spring started officially last month, we’re only starting to see the warmer weather arrive now, as “official” spring turns into “practical” spring. And when the spring weather arrives, it means that summer heat is not far behind, and you’ll need your AC running to keep the house cool.

You want to make sure your AC system is prepared for the summer, and this point in spring is the best time to arrange for professional air conditioning maintenance with our technicians. We have a special maintenance program to take care of you: The Clawson Customer Assurance Plus Program (CAPP). As a member, you’ll not only receive regular 21-point inspections and tune-ups for your heating and air conditioning equipment, you’ll enjoy other great benefits:

  • 15% discounts on repairs
  • Priority scheduling so you’ll be first on our service queue
  • 5-year parts & labor warranty on repairs
  • Reduced diagnostic charge
  • No additional overtime charges: after hours, nights, weekends, or holidays
  • Loyalty credits for future equipment replacements
  • Inflation protection in case membership fees increase
  • We’ll call to remind you to schedule service during the year

But the biggest benefits are the ones you’ll get because you had your AC maintained. (And all this applies to your heating system as well.)

  • Fewer repair needs: Your air conditioner will have a much lower chance of needing repairs if it’s maintained. In fact, more than 50% of repairs for air conditioners are because of lack of maintenance. Just imagine banishing more than half of the repairs you’ll need for your AC: that’s plenty of money and time saved.
  • Better energy efficiency: An air conditioning system has an efficiency rating that measures how well it converts electrical power into cooling power on average. But the air conditioner’s actual efficiency will decline each year if it isn’t maintained. Thanks to regular maintenance, an air conditioner can keep 95% of its original efficiency rating up until the last one or two years of its service life.
  • Extended equipment life: Speaking of service life, maintenance helps an air conditioning system last for years longer than it would otherwise. Maintenance can mean an AC that works effectively and efficiently for 15 years, rather than needing a replacement after only eight.
  • Peace of mind: This is one of the best benefits because it allows you to relax during the summer. When an air conditioner gets the full benefits of maintenance in spring before the heat arrives, it has little chance of failing during the summer. You’ll know you can trust that the AC will work when you need it to work, no matter the heat outside.
  • Warranty protection: The manufacturer’s warranty for most HVAC systems is only valid if the system has routine professional maintenance. Since about 2% of HVAC systems leave the factory with some sort of fault, the warranty is an essential consumer protection—one you don’t want to lapse! Regular maintenance will see that your AC remains warranty-compliant. 

Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning is “Connecting people to Comfort”! Call today to find out more about CAPP and to schedule spring AC maintenance.

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