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Replacing a Heater: What Our Professionals Do for You


You’ve had your current heater for many years, and it looks as if it has finally come to the end of its service life. It’s no longer heating up the house the way you want it to, is taking too long, or is leaving many rooms cold. Maybe you’ve noticed the cost to run the heater has been rising, and no repairs or continued maintenance is turning it around. You may have sunk too much money into repairing it, and it no longer feels worth it. Or perhaps it’s just that the heater is old and you’re ready to move on to a newer system with better energy efficiency and features.

So what’s the next step?

It’s to call our technicians to schedule a heating replacement in Portland, OR. We will take care of the entire job, helping you to select the right type of new heating system, and then carefully go through the steps of sizing and installing it. 

What Sets Us Apart

You have many options in a city the size of Portland for a contractor to put in a new heater. But not all contractors are equal. If you simply pick any contractor who pops up on a search engine, you might end up with a company that cuts corners to save costs—and passes the consequences on to you!

Putting in a new heating system isn’t just about tearing out whatever currently is in place and putting in a new one, the end. When you work with us, you actually are working with comfort consultants. We’ll sit down with you and do a full consultation about your heating needs and your home. This is so we can determine the ideal system for your home: not just something that pumps out enough heat, but creates the best indoor climate while also managing the best energy efficiency. 

Heat Load Calculation and Proper Sizing

An essential part of connecting you to the best comfort is choosing the right size of heating system, i.e. the heating system with the power to match your home’s needs. This is a part of the process that some contractors skimp on, making a basic guess about the right size of the heater. We don’t guess—not only do we consult with you, we perform a full heat load calculation for the house. This combines a number of factors about your house, such as square footage, insulation, number of appliances, how many people live there, etc., to find out the exact tonnage necessary. The new heaters must be neither too large nor too small, and often other contractors put in one that’s too large, which creates energy waste. 

The Actual Replacement

When the time comes to do the work of replacing your heating system, we’ll see that it’s done carefully and correctly. We’ll make any adjustments to the ductwork necessary to accommodate the new heater, and we’ll see the first heater is cleanly removed and recycled. We’ll make tests to ensure the new system works as it should so you won’t have to worry about its performance for many years.

Call on Clawson Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your heater replacement in the Greater Portland Area: “Connecting People to Comfort.”

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